Advocate Dogs

Our advocate dogs provide direct support to children who have been neglected, abused or sexually assaulted. These dogs provide these services both in the court as well as residential placements. Amos, Dodger and Patty were trained and donated to CAP by Leader Dogs for the Blind in Rochester, MI.

Amos is the founding member of the Canine Advocacy Program. He is the first advocate dog in Michigan and works in Oakland as well as surrounding counties when requested.  Amos lives with his owner/handler family in Rochester, MI. Additionally, he is also handled by Dan Cojanu.

Eco is assigned to Gladwin County Prosecutor Aaron Miller. This lovely black lab will be handled by victim advocate Kayti Newman.

Charles was recently assigned to help children at the Delta County Prosecutors office.  Prosecutor Phil Strom welcomed this magnificent dog along with victim advocate Karen Alvord who will be the handler.

Harv was recently placed with Prosecutor Matt Wiese at the Marquette County Prosecutors Office. Victim advocate Cindy Boyer will be handling this great dog.

Teyha is working at the Van Buren county prosecutors office. Prosecutor Michael Bedford has victim advocate Debi Stevens working with Teyha and the young crime victims who need her help.

Thorin is working at Prosecutor Brian Mackie’s office at the Washtenaw County prosecutors office.  Victim advocates Brenda Quiet and Julia Cate will be Thorins handlers.

Lance is our second dog to work in Oakland County. Dan Cojanu is the handler for this wonderful dog.

Joey has been assigned to work with children at the Midland County Prosecutors Office.  Midland County prosecutor J.Dee Brooks has Atea Nazrowff and Kelly Allen working with this great dog.

Jethro just joined the team at the Iron County Prosecutors Office.  Owner/handler Sara Starr will be working with children in her county with this beautiful golden retriever.

Dodger is the first advocate dog sponsored by a Prosecuting Attorney in Michigan. Dodger is owned by Bay County Prosecutor Kurt Asbury and handled by Wendy Hoffard, Cindy Howell and Kristen Monaghan.

Peppi has joined CAP working at the St. Joseph County Prosecutors Office. Prosecutor John McDonough has welcomed Peppi to the office along with Victim Advocate Linda Baker who is Peppi's owner/handler.

Patty will be working with Prosecutor Ron Schafer at the Ionia County Prosecutors Office. Patty is owned and handled by Victim Advocate Jeannie Wernet Peppi's owner/handler.

Phillie joins CAP under a new program at the Oakland County Children's Village called "Lunch with Phillie" Phillie is a career changed dog from Leader Dogs in Rochester Mi. His owner, Anne Mitchell brings Phillie to the B Bldg program as a reward for the residents who have shown positive behavior in the program. Phillie thoroughly enjoys his new job working with the young men at the Children's Village. Welcome Anne and Phillie

Smokey works in Shiawassee County. Prosecutor Deanna Finnegan was very excited as well as Smokeys owner, Chief Asst. Dan Nees, to have him start at the office. Smokey will be handled by Victim Advocate Wendy Hay. Welcome Shiawassee County.

Meet Reagan, a beautiful lab. Eaton County Prosecutor Doug Lloyd welcomed him to the office in mid December of 2013. Reagan will owned/handled by Bryan Seratt and Victim Advocate Heather Hicks. Welcome to the pack Eaton County!

Ottawa County Prosecutor Ron Frantz has his canine advocate ready and working. Sydney works side by side with Victim Advocate Stephanie Stoddard on a daily basis. Ottawa County is very fortunate to have such a great team.

Grant is our newest addition to the CAP family. Lapeer County Prosecutor Tim Turkelson has welcomed this great dog to the office with open paws. Victim Services Director Leigh Hauxwell will be working with this amazing canine advocate.

Oscar has joined the team at Muskegon County. Prosecutor D. J. HIlson has a great dog who will be handled by advocate Lynn Meeuwenberg. Welcome to the pack !

Mr. Weeber has joined the staff of Berrien County Prosecutor Mike Sepic. He was welcomed to the community and is fortunate to have 2 handlers, Victim Advocates Toni McCrone and Marilyn Bowie. Welcome to the family.

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