Advocate Dogs

Our advocate dogs provide direct support to children who have been neglected, abused or sexually assaulted. These dogs provide these services both in the court as well as residential placements.  All CAP dogs are trained and donated to CAP by Leader Dogs for the Blind in Rochester, MI.

Amos was the founding member of the Canine Advocacy Program. He was the first advocate dog in Michigan and worked in Oakland as well as surrounding counties when requested. He worked for 8 years in the program until his sudden illness in June of 2018, when he sadly passed away. He had a distinguished career and will never be forgotten. Amos was a true hero, in the eyes of many children who he helped overcome their victimization by his mere presence in their lives. His legacy will continue to live on through the other canine advocates as they continue to pave the way for change in the criminal justice process for our young and most vulnerable victims.

Eco is assigned to Gladwin County Prosecutors office.

Charles is assigned to Delta County Prosecutors office.

Harv is assigned to the Marquette County Prosecutors office.

Thorin is assigned to the Washtenaw County Prosecutors office.

Lance is assigned to Oakland County as well as working in the U.S. District Court in Detroit. 

Joey is assigned to the Midland County Prosecutors office.

Jethro is assigned to the Iron County Prosecutors office.

Dodger is assigned to the Bay County Prosecutors office.

Peppi is assigned to the St. Joseph County Prosecutors office.

Patty is assigned to the Ionia County Prosecutors office.

Smokey is assigned to the Shiawassee County Prosecutors office.

Reagan is assigned to the Eaton County Prosecutors office.

Oscar is assigned to the Muskegon County Prosecutors office.

Mr. Weeber is assigned to the Berrien County Prosecutors office.

Jager is assigned to the Hillsdale County Prosecutors office.

Penny is assigned to LaCasa in Howell, MI.

Daphne is assigned to the Weiss Child Advocacy Center in Flint, MI.

Preston is assigned to Small Talk Child Advocacy Center in Lansing, MI.

Abe is assigned to Jackson County Prosecutors office.

Kody is assigned to Benzie County Prosecutors office and Benzie County Sheriff Dept.

Ozzie is assigned to the Flint YWCA.

Trigger is assigned to the Northern Michigan Mobile Child Advocacy Center.

Dylan is assigned to the Van Buren County Prosecutors office.

Justice has been assigned to the Michigan State University Sexual Assault Clinic

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